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Coffee Detox Bundle

Coffee Detox Bundle

Laka Living

Coffee Detox Bundle

Detox and break your coffee habit in 2-steps. 

The Coffee Detox Bundle is our fallback plan when we start feeing "eh". 

What it is? A 2-step approach to detoxing from coffee without a shortage of energy, focus, or digestive function. 

What makes it potent? 

  • Super Shroom Drip is our immunity butter formulated with a propietary blend of 5 functional mushrooms offering immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, and cognitive benefit. 
  • Laka Matcha is our ceremonial-grade green tea powder (nothing added!) that we use as an ally to mute daily anxiety, stress, and low arousal and boost metabolism. 
  • Use in combination daily for 1-2 weeks for best results.* 


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