The Salad Bundle

Build a more exciting salad with digestives and immune boosters. 

The Salad Bundle gets you excited to toss greens daily. 

What it is? A 2-step approach to up-leveling your salad with digestive enzymes, immunomodulators, and healthy fats.

What makes it potent? 

  • Super Shroom Drip is our immunity butter formulated with a propietary blend of 5 functional mushrooms offering immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, and cognitive benefit. 
  • Kauai Kombucha Vinegar is our bright, light, refreshing wellness vinegar rich in skin clarifying, digestion-enhancing acids and probiotics. This kombucha vinegar is brewed on Kauai using 100% local ingredients and island-made scoby cultures, delivering enzymes and minerals in every bite. 
  • Use in combination daily in salads for best results*. 
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