Kauai Kombucha Vinegar


Harness gut health and modernize Happy Hour with this innovative up-cycle of Kauai Kombucha. This regenerative product is an ode to a more sustainable Mother Earth, reinventing what might have been deemed as "trash" as a booster uniquely beneficial to personal and household health.

This product was designed in partnership with our friends at Kauai Juice Company, home to 100% locally sourced modern everyday health foods, tonics, elixirs, and probiotic teas.

  • Made from 100% Kauai Kombucha
  • Research suggest that the probiotics in Kombucha are beneficial for gut health
  • Contains acetic acid that research shows serves as an antimicrobial in the body
  • Contains acids that may support metabolism and healthy weight
  • This product is 100% raw
  • Contains "The Mother" mushroom
  • Add to cocktails, mocktails, DIY cleaning products, and skincare for added probiotics beneficial for health of all kinds.



Ingredients: Organic Kombucha Vinegar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.


Immediate effects include digestion, energy
Long term effects include gut health
Tastes bright, tangy, and sweet

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