Tahini C Drip

A noruishing Vitamin-C infused Tahini for dewy, hydrated beauty and balance over time.
Tahini C Drip is our rejuvenating nut butter.

What is it? A sesame paste fortified with Shatavari super-root.
What makes it potent? 
  • Vitamin C crystals for daily immune support and collagen production
  • We opted for seeds on this one, rich in the good omegas to deeply nourish the female reproductive system 
  • This antioxidant-rich plant-based staple can be slathered on toast, apples, or serve as the main event in your weekly batch of salad dressing. 
  • Tangy and bright in taste, deeply satiating. 
  • We love healthy fat! It's highly effective at boosting absorption of roots and critical daily vitamins. 


Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Shatavari, Vitamin C Crystals.

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