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Laka Matcha (90 servings) (PRE-ORDER)

Laka Matcha (90 servings) (PRE-ORDER)
Laka Matcha (90 servings) (PRE-ORDER)

Laka Living

Laka Matcha (90 servings) (PRE-ORDER)

*This is a pre-order item and orders start shipping June 15th*. Pre-order items will hold up shipment of orders also containing non pre-order items unless split ship is specifically communicated by customer. Thanks for understanding our small business practices!
Vibrant, antioxidant-loaded pure ceremonial green tea powder sourced from the Wazuka region of Japan. Third-party tested for heavy metals, radioactivity, and pesticides.
  • This is a Samidori varietal, a naturally sweet, bright, and smooth drinking matcha that is perfect for beginners.
  • L-Theanine shifts the brain into an Alpha wave state, promoting a calm and centered level of focus
  • Caffeine is buffered by L-Theanine for a balanced coffee-alternative.
  • EGCG is the ultimate beauty antioxidant present in matcha green tea
  • Chlorophyll supports glymphatic system health in the brain 
  • Third-party tested for toxins and purity.
How to prepare:
  1. Whisk or blend 1/2 tsp Laka Matcha into 1/2 cup hot water
  2. Add 12 oz additional hot water or steamed milk 
  3. Optional: 1 tbsp sweetener
Good to know*: This size breaks down to just $1.15/serving. Be sure to buy your refill packs and save up to $0.27/serving.




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