Laka Matcha (2 sizes available)

The low-hanging fruit re: stress management

Laka Matcha is our suggested step #1 in easy cortisol regulation

What it is? Ceremonial-grade green tea powder

What makes it potent? 

  • Rich in naturally occuring L-theanine -- a meditative, nootropic amino acid that boosts mental clarity and modifies the effect of caffeine. (This helps balance your boost!)
  • Contains catechins - a class of antioxidants that reduces cell damage and encourages repair.
  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming Matcha helps increase thermogenesis - the rate at which calories are burned.
  • Contains clorophyll, the bright green pigment that is used to convert sun energy into fuel. Our bright green Matcha signals high antioxidant, amino acid, and polyphenol content.

Ingredients: Samidori Green Tea Powder (Matcha green tea, ceremonial-grade)

Tastes sweet, grassy, and has notes of rosemary

1 tree planted with every order through Plant A Tree Foundation.

Contact us to view our testing results for heavy metals, pesticides, and radioactivity.*



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