Laka Matcha (25 servings)


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25 servings
  • Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Powder rich in natural occuring L-Theanine - an amino acid that boosts mental clarity and modifies the effect of caffeine. 

  • Contains catechins - a class of antioxidants that reduces cell damage and encourages repair.

  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming Matcha helps increase thermogenesis - the rate at which calories are burned.

  • Contains clorophyll, the bright green pigment that is used to convert sun energy into fuel. Our bright green Matcha signals high antioxidant, amino acid, and polyphenol content.



"I can say with absolute certainty I feel more alert and better focus in my day to day. I have less moments where I forget what I was doing and am spending more time doing things that I feel are actually productive."


-Amanda H.



Immediate effects include digestion, energy, focus
Over time: stress reduction, gut health, metabolism


Ingredients: Wazuka Samidori Ceremonial Matcha Tea


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