Coffee Detox Bundle


Contains a 1 month supply of Laka Matcha and a 16 day supply of Super Shroom Drip.

Detox from coffee, re-activate the physical body, and protect your brain with nootropic mushrooms, healthy fats, and L-Theanine.

  • Detox - Chlorophyll is a chelating pigment necessary for oxygen transport across the blood-brain-barrier. Higher levels of oxygen are linked to better memory, adequate lymphatic (detox) action in the brain and body, and better focus. Find this pigment in Laka Matcha.

  • Activate - Lions Mane Mushroom stimulates nerve growth factor (NGF), regenerating and strengthening tired brain cells and discouraging die off. Essentially, turning the brain on* with a resilient, activated cognition. Find this nootropic mushroom in Super Shroom Drip.

  • Protect - Chaga Mushroom encourages the production of SOD (superoxide-dismutase), a super-antioxidant made within the body that protects the system from damaging free radicals and inflammation.  Find this protectant in Super Shroom Drip.

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