YOU ARE WORTHY: A discussion on mental health with Jill Pollard

YOU ARE WORTHY: A discussion on mental health with Jill Pollard

May 08, 2019 0 Comments

"Be the source" might be a mantra you begin to develop when you start spending time and sharing space with Kauai'i-based generator, Jill Pollard.  Jill Pollard is an intuitive empath, energy healer, and a very deep feeling being! She has found resoluteness in identifying as an empath and loves her work in the world holding space for others to find their truth and inner divinity. She offers one-on-one work, coaching, workshops, gatherings, online meditations, and the like! She is marked by her turquoise jewelry, curly head of blonde hair, and groovy dance moves. Mental health is near and dear to her and her passion about the topic fuels a lot of the work she does, as well as her passion to educate women on their uniqueness, capabilities, and self-worth. 
We are honored to be within reach of Jill - breaking barriers of shame surrounding insecurity, mental illness, and not knowing where to start the "work". 
Can you introduce yourself a bit?
Hi! My name is Jill Pollard and I’m a deep feeling being! I’ve found resoluteness in identifying as an empath and love my work in the world holding space for others to find their truth and inner divinity. I’m a sucker for turquoise jewelry and love to dance my ass off with my gals. Mental health is near and dear to me and I’m passionate about the topic. I’m a healer and life coach. I have 3 beautiful children, am married to my sweetheart and live on the beautiful island of Kauai. 
What catalyzed where you are now? (How did you end up where you are now?)  
A LOT of inner work. I spent most of my late teens and early 20's looking outside myself for what I needed. People pleasing, morphing to scenarios, being what everyone wanted me to be. The discomfort I felt existing as a human was debilitating. I was diagnosed with depression, felt anxious and was hardly functioning. I found safety and truth in spirituality and continued to search for answers inside myself. Discovering my intuition through pregnancies and birth opened my mind and body to other possibilities. Each time I found answers by looking within: asking my OWN body, my OWN spirit, what to do next, trying not to look too far ahead, but to be present with what was inside me. I discovered in the process just how deeply empathetic I was and that beyond that, I had a gift and talent for healing others. I discovered my ability to see energetically in ways I didn’t know I had been doing my whole life. I owe a lot of my determination to overcoming my old beliefs and mental illness to my husband. He continued to believe I could heal and find peace if I kept looking. 
You're a mother, a wife, and a business owner. How do you find your groove and what does your energy expenditure look like on a given day?
I honestly have to be very protective and proactive with my energy. I am hyper sensitive and can get overwhelmed quickly if I’m not being self-aware. I allow myself to check back in and center in my body throughout the day. (I do this often when I’m driving.) I’m a napper, and love resting to balance my work and home life. I pay attention to my hormone cycles and try to be gentle in my understanding that sometimes I’m going to feel creative and juicy, and at other times will lack motivation, need rest and feel depleted. I can’t do it all and am learning the art of delegation and asking for help. I prioritize my relationship with my partner and we talk about our values when we get off track. (Hello sex life and playtime!) 
Your passion for teaching worthiness is dense and energetic. What does it mean to you? How did you find yourself teaching worthiness? 
I spent SO much of my life believing I was unworthy of existing. I was flawed. Unlovable. Ashamed of who I was, never enough. What I didn’t know or understand was that worthiness wasn’t something to be earned or that could be given or taken; it was innate. My inner dialogue and beliefs didn’t allow for acceptance of the idea until I really started to understand who I was, what I was, and how I could overcome my old beliefs. It took gentle integration, deep healing of wounds, and re-writing my subconscious to overcome my lack of faith in myself. It was such a profound journey that I just wanted to share it with others. I found myself face to face with beautiful humans bearing the same burden of unworthiness and feelings of not enough-ness. It lead to me creating workshops and an online platform where I could share my knowledge and help others know their worth. It was empowering to give people the tools to connect to their body and essence and to experience first-hand their innate worth. It’s something I continue to teach and find so much passion in because it changes your life when you realize just how worthy you are. 
How has your work energetically shifted your personal growth and healing?
I do my work BECAUSE of my personal growth and healing. It was the catalyst to why I do the work that I do as a healer, intuitive and educator. My mission is to always LIVE the work that I’m teaching and using with my clients. It’s important for me to understand the depth of human emotion and how to relate, inspire and connect to those I work with and I do that best when I go the depths with myself: knowing how to hold space, strength and love from the Divine. My personal growth and healing is always a priority and is constantly part of my process. 
 Do you have any daily routines that help keep you on track with your mission as a coach, healer, and mother? Morning, midday, evening? 
I start my morning with meditation. I believe that at our core we are Source, a pure energy of pure potential. But as a human, I get in my own way constantly…and as a deep feeler, I get caught in waves of emotion OFTEN! I begin my day by first allowing my mind and body to purge thoughts and emotions and I try and stay in the place of observing these things. Then I center my chakras and and open to the Divine. I also bring in and connect to my dreams and visions for my business and home life, dropping into the feelings of LOVE and JOY that I will experience when those things happen. 
My breath is also an important part of my centering throughout the day. I notice I breathe shallow when I’m busy, engaged or distracted. I’m constantly reminding my body to breathe all they way down to my low belly for better circulation and power. Opening my heart for heart coherence is also a priority. Again, as an emotional being I can be “opening” and “closing” my heart space all day if I’m not being conscious of my inner dialogue.
I try to fuel with healthy fats and foods. On a good week, I walk my dog everyday. I try and leave my phone behind and get into my own body and find the excitement in being alive! My walks provide a lot of inspiration! 
A lot of my process involves using my body to express my feelings. If I notice I’m getting into a rut with my business or feeling upset with the kids, I will stop, and MOVE. You can find me dancing, stomping, jumping, wiggling or making primal noises any day of the week! It’s the best way for me to LET THINGS GO quickly. 
It’s all about finding balance between my mind, body AND spirit. 
Self-care looks like…..
Deep breathing into my heart. Calling my bestie. Taking a break from my phone or computer and getting outside with the sun on my skin. Buying something I’m craving like a kombucha or treat. Grabbing a book and getting lost (usually self-help related ;) ) 
My tools for being a mom are…
to remember that you’re human. You are not perfect and IT’S OK that your kids see that. I try and communicate often how I’m feeling. As an empath and emotional being, they see all sides of me. Some of my kids are more sensitive to this than others so I make clear boundaries and reaffirm my love and joy of their existence. I check in to my kids energy and spirit almost nightly to tune them up and be present with them. I connect directly to their heart center and love them when I’ve made mistakes. I constantly remind myself that I am not here to control them, but that they are unique beings on a special life journey and I’m lucky to be a part of it. I had to learn the art of letting go of mom-guilt, a real, gut wrenching part of the process. I accept help and wisdom from those who love my children, like their teachers, friends' parents, and family. But I also have learned that other people’s opinions don’t matter and that their stories about my life choices are theirs and I don’t have to listen to them. I know what’s best even if I make mistakes. MY INTUITION never fails me and I always encourage new mamas to get in touch with theirs. It will serve them well mothering. Remember to laugh more and yell less (something I’m constantly working on…) and that kids are resilient and they just want to be seen and heard like you do. 
 Resources I swear by to keep me growing as a teacher and healer. 
I am constantly continuing my education by reading. I am someone who works by her intuition. When picking content, text, or podcasts, I listen to my inner guidance. I can tell what’s for me and what’s not for me in a quick glance. If the universe really wants me to see something, it brings it right in front of my face (ever had the same book show up 3 times in a week and you’re like “I GET IT, OKAY, I’ll READ!”??) I don’t take it lightly and am always pleasantly surprised by the timing of such things. I am an excellent student and put into practice ideas, concepts, and new healing techniques to see if they work and feel good to my spirit. I won’t go to the next chapter until I’ve done the work! I’ve been really into Johann Hari’s Lost Connections book. It contains beautiful research behind the solutions to healing depression and anxiety. His podcasts with Joe Rogan and Dax Shepherd are excellent too. Kyle Cease is a self healer and teacher who aligns with my path and values, I subscribe to his monthly pass for inspiration. I always encourage my clients to use their intuition when picking content, books and resources because what resonates for me, might not work for you! 
 A mantra you currently live by?
All is well. 
I am Source. 
I am the space between.
 A tip for beginners on where to start…
One of the first experiences I take my beginner clients through is finding their intuition and body connection. We spend so much time in our heads, overthinking, overanalyzing and creating chaos that guiding people back into their wisdom and body always seems to serve them best. I offer a free Feel Your Feelings Friday meditation on Instagram Live which is a great way to start to make that connection. There’s so much peace and clarity to be found by going inward. 
Where can people find you?
On the gram @ohheyjillpollard ! All month we are collaborating with brands on Mental Health Awareness! 
My webbie: for booking and in-depth descriptions on 1:1 sessions and coaching
Free events: Feel Your Feelings Friday on IG Live 9am HST
Locally: Full Moon Gatherings Monthly on Kauai :-)
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