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Meet Jessica Young, founder of brand new e-commerce food paradise for the modern wellness shopper with high, high standards. After a couple of our products went through a rigorous approval process by the bubbly team at Bubble, we immediately wanted to know more about the consciousness behind this soon to be cult brand changing the way consumers purchase the best of the best. Enter the mindset of Jess Young, a former chef, on the founding team of wildly successful meal delivery service Daily Harvest, and now an innovative NYC-based leader of the modern food movement. 
What a babe!



Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started in the journey of wellness? Next, how did you get started in the business of wellness?
My journey began in pieces. I remember as a kid going out after to dinner suburban chain restaurants, and I would leave feeling sick. I got too familiar with the term “IBS” before even becoming a teenager. I made the connection that eating out equated feeling terrible, and that if my mom cooked (she is an amazing cook!), I felt great.

As I grew older, and was exposed to better quality restaurants and travel abroad, I realized that it was the quality of the food, not the restaurant, that was driving the ship. I got really into researching foods and even have notes from high school on a blog (probably MySpace page!) I wanted to start called “Food is Medicine”. I even made a little logo with the quote by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” beneath it.

I have always loved food, but it was never a career choice for me until I decided to take a semester off from college. I was a Biochem major on pre-med track, had completed 2 years of school with about 3 years in credits down, was not feeling challenged or fulfilled in any way. I wasn’t making friends, which a lot of people to this day still don’t believe, and decided to move in with my friend Erica in NYC and go to cooking school. At the time, I wanted to cool my jets, reset, and just learn something more in an area I loved, but after my second day of class, I was completely ignited and knew food would be my life. From there, wellness because my business, but again in pieces. I remember working for chef Gabriel Krether at The Modern, and he came by once when I was prepping a white asparagus soup for service. He tasted it, looked at me and said “ hmm, needs..” and reached down and literally scooped a ½ pound of butter into the soup. I was wide eyed with thoughts of, “WTF”.... “Now it only tastes like butter”... “Where did the beautiful white asparagus flavor go?!?”

Shortly after leaving The Modern, I started a plant based pop up restaurant, and the rest is wellness history I suppose.

A little background on the name of your company, Bubble, and your offerings?We named our company Bubble as an allusion to the protected food space we are out to create. A world where healthy food is really healthy food. All products we carry are transparent with ingredients, everything is shipped straight from the brands and makers to customers, and we offer the newest products seen in the health food space.  Clear, transparent, protected, and always blowing up. Bubble.

What is your mission as a wellness business owner?
My mission is to make things easy and accessible. Our marketplace is all about pushing the health food space light years beyond what we all have seen so far. If we can give people access to buy what is good, and food makers have a platform to reach those customers directly, we can shift and move faster in the food space.

What makes you motivated to keep going?
People. Family, colleagues, customers, friends. Food is all about history, community, and deliciousness. And that is what we are making here at Bubble.

Constantly changing our environment to support our own personal and professional mission is imperative in mastering the ability to adapt. And stay interested in the process! What are some lifestyle components that you feel are in constant flux out of necessity of staying in alignment with your mission? 
Being a leader to me means paving the way. I recognize that I need to set the tone and create the structure needed for Bubble to really blow up. Brining the best talent into the company, getting the best health food brands into the platform, getting customers engaged. So, I am constantly putting myself in check so that I can be my best personal self, to offer my best professional self.

I have been know to be intense with my work schedule: not leaving the office, not eating, not going on dates, not answering personal messages to friends and family for days at a time. I realized about a year or two ago that I need to consciously force myself to have a healthy work life balance in order to see any mission through. I mean, I am in the Wellness business after all!

When starting Bubble earlier this year, I swore to myself that I would carve out a healthy work life balance. I started seeing personal trainer Garnett Strother who is known here in NYC for his unique style of physical and mental training to motivate motivators. He actually has alarms in my phone that ring to remind me to eat meals and snacks, which helps me even out blood sugar levels. I incorporate tons of adaptogens and mushrooms into my diet to help regulate adrenaline and cortisol spikes. And, ya girl loves her bubble baths to unwind... no plug intended!

A daily ritual you have found to support your mission?
I do refer to my notebook daily since I have so much going on. I keep a section in my notebook called “LYFE” where I note what I need to do in my personal life.

Any words of advice for new entrepreneurs or wellness practitioners?
You aren’t in this alone! It’s all about the community and relationships you build.

Ask for help, host a dinner party, and pay it all forward.



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