Djunabel for Adaptogenic Fitness

Djunabel for Adaptogenic Fitness

June 22, 2019 0 Comments

As part of our Adaptogenic Fitness campaign with Free People, we chatted with some of our favorite wellness warriors about their favorite forms of fuel for fitness, work, love, and life. Read on for how adaptogens have changed their lives (and workout routines), along with some of their tips and tricks on the most delicious ways to sneak them into your daily routine.


Adaptogenic Fitness with Djunabel 

Why do you workout?

To feel healthy and strong (and to keep up with my kid!).


What's your fitness routine look like these days?

i try to go to lagree pilates as much as i can - that usually means 3 days one week and then not again for another few weeks. But i really love the way i feel when i can go to a class at least 2 times per week, it's just hard to manage with work and family life.


What's your go-to snack before a workout?

I like a morning workout so i usually try to have a coffee/tincture before a workout. I am a bit obsessed with Laird Hamilton instant coffee right now. I usually put a bit of that, hemp milk , mct oil and adaptogens in the blender before a workout and then eat a bunch after.


What's your go-to snack after a workout?

My husband usually makes breakfast for the family before he leaves for work, so if I’m at home i will usually save that for post-workout. He makes these amazing rice bowls with kimchi and a soft boiled egg (inspired by sqirl in LA). That's my fave.


What adaptogen do you consume daily?

I mix it up. I love this stuff called jing that balances hormones - that's been amazing post baby. I love macuna puriens, reishi, ashwaganda, pine be honest I haven't met an adaptogen i don't like.


Favorite way to sneak adaptogens into your daily diet?

i love making tincture coffee in the morn, but i have also been sprinkling them into these date/almond butter balls i make and it's quite good. I recently made a smoothie for us with the cookie dough, banana, cashew butter and hemp milk and snuck in spirulina and spinach and my son Fox loved it. It was a hit! 


Biggest difference you notice when you workout?

I feel like i have consistent energy throughout the day.


Biggest difference you've noticed from consuming adaptogens?

I feel like my moods are more balanced - I don't feel an emotional or energetic crash.


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