Twenty-Five-Eight: Q + A with Erica Mock

Twenty-Five-Eight: Q + A with Erica Mock

May 01, 2019 0 Comments

Among many things we have swirling in the works here at Laka, we recently just partnered with Twenty-Five-Eight - a meal delivery program based in LA designed entirely for all stages of motherhood. Women are highly capable of getting adapted, which is why we wanted to inject their meals with Laka wherever we could see fit. 
You can now find LAKA in many menu items on the Twenty-Five-Eight menu and get your taste of Adapted Paradise in the heart of Los Angeles. 
Founder Erica Mock shares a little peek into the design and mission behind her ever-powerful food brand on the brink of shifting the paradigm of motherhood one meal at a time. Get Adapted! And enjoy it all. 

What is Twenty-Five Eight? 

Twenty-five eight is a prepared meal delivery company that serves ready-to-heat, curated food designed for motherhood. We take care of mamas so they can take care of everyone else!

What inspired you to curate something for mamas?

By becoming one! Nothing in the world can prepare you for becoming a mother,
the abundance of love is something you never knew was possible. Also, the abundance of malnourishment and sleep deprivation that comes along with caring for our young was a HUGE red flag to me! It just didn’t add up. How could we raise our children (well) and not fall apart if all we had to “grab and go” was a handful of Cheetos and a Diet Coke? Our food choices impact our milk supply, our mood, and our overall vitality. As a mother, it is our responsibility to care for ourselves, but we rarely have the time to do so.

Can you speak on a little bit of your mission behind creating Twenty-Five-Eight?

This business is my way of taking care of a community of women. From my
experience, these nourishing meals are what made me feel whole again. In my months of struggling with breastfeeding coupled with sleepless nights, nourishment was what I looked forward to the most. With each bite of intentionally made meals, I slowly began to feel restored. I gained a whole new appreciation for what my body is capable of achieving when it is fueled with whole, unadulterated foods.

How are all of your ingredients sourced? 

Sourcing is my absolute obsession. It is our priority to limit 3 P’s: packages,
places, and processes. Limiting packages means that we always use whole food
ingredients combined in our kitchen to make your nourishment, thus limiting the
packages used from the time the food was cultivated to its arrival at your doorstep.

Limiting processes is similar to packages in that we limit or completely eliminate the
processing of any food ingredient outside of our kitchen. Finally, limiting places means that we strive to have all of our ingredients come from the farm directly to our kitchen.

Most days you’ll find me on the phone with our farmers. Particularly animal
farmers, why? Not because animals matter more than plants, but because the treatment and care of the animals that we purvey is my passion. I believe that those without a voice deserve an advocate, and that is exactly what I do. I know exactly where our animals were raised, how they were treated, what they were fed, and where/how they were processed into life-giving nourishment for our mamas. Our animals do not get passed through a third party facility, we get all of our animal protein directly from the ranch they were raised! We take farm to table to a whole new level.

With regard to produce, organic (or beyond-organic) and seasonal is best both
for our body and for the planet. When food is eaten seasonally it is typically grown in the same soil we are grounded in, drinking the same water, and breathing the same air.

Eating foods this way allows our bodies to attune to the harmony of the season. Also, there is much less impact on the environment when you eat foods grown close by!

A little bit on your values in Wellness, self-care, and Fitness and how you feel food plays a huge part? 

My values in wellness have changed drastically since Aydan joined us earth side.
Before, my idea of wellness revolved around stillness. Cultivating my Yin (feminine,
quiet, soft, healing) was always a strong focus because I tend to get caught up in the Yang (masculine, productive, exponential, go-go-go) energy. My life looks a little
different now, and my opportunities for stillness and quiet have almost completely

Today, my ultimate self-care and wellness values lie in giving myself some slack.
Allowing my body to tell me what I need and when. For example, today I woke up
feeling tired because Aydan was up a few times nursing last night. So today for my self-care I will be napping with him. Simple as that.

The absolute game-changer, the one thing that I truly believe can make a
different between a good life and a great life, is the quality of nourishment we consume.

I always allow my intuition to guide my eating, no portion distortion here. If I am hungry, I eat slowly until I am full. If I am craving a certain food, I include that food in my diet until the need is fulfilled.

My ideal fitness routines have changed drastically as well, but in a really beautiful
way. Where I may have over-exerted myself in the past with an extensive exercise
routine, now a simple walk with Aydan will feed my need for circulation and motion.

Where can we find out more about Twenty-Five Eight?

Visit Twenty-Five-Eight online. 
IG: @twenty_five_eight

Want to get a free treat with your first (or next) Twenty-Five-Eight purchase? Enter code "lovelakamama" at checkout for your gift! 



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