THE GOOD KIND OF SUGAR: The Manuka Honey we can't get enough of

THE GOOD KIND OF SUGAR: The Manuka Honey we can't get enough of

October 28, 2018 0 Comments


We finally (I know, a little late to the game) got to try this Activist Manuka Honey and meet the makers at this years Mercado Sagrado, Gabrielle + Luke, and it is safe to say this is part of our new morning immunity ritual! We recommend taking the 850+ first thing in the morning alongside a giant glass of chlorella, lemon, and moringa juice water to kickstart digestion and immunity. Among many, here are a few awesome highlights of our new favorite Manuka Honey company. 

Their honey is graded using the MGO system, which basically certifies that the Manuka Honey and it's benefits are legit and worth the dollar - as most Manuka Honey's can seem pricy compared to other raw or non-raw varieties on shelf. 

We love you Gabrielle and Luke and don't often write up other brands, but this one for sure (like for sure for sure) is a product to write home about. 


Activist Manuka can be used culinary, as part of your beauty routine, and medicinally. 

We love adding our Manuka Honey 850+ into our morning routine, taking a 1/2 tbsp full every morning for an instant digestion boost and immunity shot/daily multivitamin.

We love adding our Manuka Honey 300+ to coffee, tonics, or an electuary using our Super Shroom Drip, a little bit of tocotrienols or colostrum, and some Pine Pollen! 

We love adding our Manuka Honey 100+ to basics like toast, oatmeal, and grain-free pancakes instead of syrup! 

Honey, babe. How do you heal?