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You'll need: 
2 tbsp  Hibiscus
2 tbsp  Chamomile flowers 
2 tbsp  Nettle
2 tbsp  Peppermint 
2 tbsp  Red Clover
1/2 cup LAKA Kauai Kombucha Vinegar 
1/4 cup honey 
64 oz pure water 
It's easy: 
Blend water with honey, then combine with vinegar and dried herbs in a large jar. Steep at least 12 hours in a the refrigerator or on countertop. 
Strain flowers and enjoy the infusion over ice. 

Optional add-ins: Kombucha, any flavor. Coconut water. Fresh Juice. Sparkling water.
Drink this infusion to kickstart digestion, soothe an inflamed gut, nourish the skin, and clean the kidneys. 

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